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Anker 1

Benjamin Gabriel Kamon

Stockerauer Strasse 106 (Gelbe Halle D)

2100 Korneuburg



​Telephone: +43 660 2101880

Email: benjamin(at)


VAT number: ATU74296424


Member of the WKO, WKNÖ, State Guild of Metalworkers Lower Austria


Object of the company: Cutlery including the production of cut and stabbing weapons and the activity of sharpening cutlery, provided that these are not Cutlery of which their production falls in the reserved area of ​​a regulated trade.


GISA number: 31558808

Authorization valid since: 01.05.2019

Legal form: sole proprietorship

Professional law: trade regulations,

Supervisory/trade authority: Korneuburg district authority


Consumers have the opportunity to lodge complaints with the online dispute resolution platform to the EU: You can also send any complaints to the email address given above.

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