A collection of Knives I've made. Click on the Pictures for detailed Information.




- Maintain the sharpness of your knife on a regular basis. Use a very fine and high quality sharpening steel rod for maintenance and +3k water stones if dull.

- If the edge of your knife feels too thick after time, don't hesitate to thin it. It's a tool meant to perform.

- To keep your handle sealed from moisture, occasionally apply natural oils such as boiled linseed oil or hardwax oil. (not needed for synthetic handles)

- When the work is done, wash your knife with clear water and dry thoroughly.

- Love your knife, have fun working with it and use with care.


- Don't ever use your knife on hard surfaces like ceramic, glass, stone or steel.

- Don't put your knife in a drawer together with other knives or hard materials.

- Don't put your knife into a dish washer - no matter how dirty it is.

- The edge of your knife comes very thin and the steel is very hard - cut with care. Don't ever jam your knife in hard foods nor in soft wooden or plastic boards. This may result in chipping the edge.

- Your knife is made from carbon steel (non-stainless). Don't let it lie around for too long spoiled with food, food juices or any other moisture. It may result in rust.

- Don't use your knife for other purposes than cutting food. It's a high performance tool designed for a special task and not made to withstand abuse.

- Don't hurt yourself.


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